Many people describe buying or selling a property as one of the most stressful experiences of their life. This shouldn’t be the case with the right solicitors.

Conveyancing Solicitors in Stafford.

Covering Stafford, Stone, Penkridge, Eccleshall, Rugeley, Cannock and surrounding areas.

At Sheppard Fisher we have the right blend of experience and ability . We can therefore  take as much of the stress out of the process as possible.

Sheppard Fisher Solicitors has secured membership to the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme – the mark of excellence for the home buying process.

1. Residential Conveyancing

We can help with

  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Re mortgaging
  • Transfer of Equity
  • Landlord and Tenant

Although there are lots of things to consider as part of buying and selling a property, every aspect is always carefully considered by us. Our aim is ensure  that the transactions proceed smoothly and efficiently. We will make sure throughout the process that you are kept updated with any progress. We will be available to answer any queries that you have. At all times, we will make sure that you are both updated and protected so that you can concentrate on moving into your new home.

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Conveyancing – Steps Involved When Selling A Property

  • Upon receiving initial instructions, we will send to you a letter which sets out our terms of business and our fixed fee costs.
  • Proof of identity checks will be carried out and we will send out a Fittings & Contents Form and Property Information Form for completion by you. If the property is leasehold, additional information will be required.
  • We ask that you complete the Fittings & Contents Form and Property Information Form and return them to us. We will also require any documents which are mentioned in the Property Information Form. This may include planning permissions, building regulation approval, guarantees and any other certificates relating to your property.
  • If the property is not registered with the Land Registry we will need the title deeds to prepare a contract. Otherwise, we will obtain a copy of the Title Registry directly from the Land Registry.
  • If you have an existing mortgage(s) on the property, we will need to obtain details of the outstanding amount.
Preparing a draft Contract
  • The next stage is to prepare a draft contract. This will be forwarded to the buyer’s solicitors/conveyancer with any supporting documentation.
  • The buyer’s solicitor/conveyancer will then check the contract and supporting documentation. They are likely then to raise pre-contract enquiries with us.
  • We will contact you to discuss the pre-contract enquiries as soon as they are received.
  • The buyer’s solicitor/conveyancer will confirm they can proceed once they have received the results of their clients searches, received a mortgage offer (if any) and they are happy with the replies to pre-contract enquiries.
 Exchange of Contracts
  • You and the buyer will then consider a completion date. Once the date has been agreed by all parties the contracts are formally “exchanged”. This simply means that all parties from this point are legally committed to complete the transaction.
  • If it is that you have a mortgage, we will obtain a settlement figure from your mortgage provider. We will also obtain an account from your estate agents (if any).
  • Usually between exchange of contracts and completion, we will receive a draft transfer deed for approval. Once the transfer has been agreed, we will obtain your signature to this.
  • On the date of completion, you must leave the property by the time agreed in your contract. Usually the keys to the property are handed over via the estate agents. We recommend that the keys are only released to the buyers, after we have received the buyers purchase monies.
  • At that stage, we will discharge your mortgage, pay your agreed estate agents fees (if any), deduct our agreed conveyancing fees and then forward to you the balance of the proceeds of sale. If you are also buying a property, we will retain some or all of the proceeds of sale to be used in connection with your purchase. We will ensure that any money which is due to you will be made available on the date of completion.

Conveyancing – Steps Involved When Buying A Property

  • Once you have made an offer on a property that has been accepted, we will send out a letter to you confirming our terms of business and fixed fee costs.
  • As part of our Anti Money Laundering process we will carry out proof of identity checks.
  • In addition to you making an application for a mortgage (if required) we recommend that you instruct a surveyor to carry out a survey of the property. There are different types of surveys and valuations that we can discuss with you.
  • Once we have received your signed client care letter, we will immediately write to the seller’s solicitors/conveyancers and request a contract. When we have received the contract pack we will check the contract and supporting documentation and forward to you the Property Information Form and Fittings & Contents Form prepared by the sellers. We will also send to you any supporting documentation, and where appropriate, a plan of the property.
  • If you have any queries over the documents supplied we ask that you contact us immediately. We can then include any queries that you have with our pre-contract enquiries these will be forwarded to the seller ‘solicitors/conveyancers.
  • Once we have received satisfactory replies to pre-contract enquiries, the results of any searches submitted on your behalf, and mortgage offer (if any), we will contact you to discuss the matters fully. If any aspects of the transaction remain unclear, questions will be raised with the seller’s solicitors/conveyancers.
 Exchange of Contracts
  • Only when you are happy to proceed with the transaction, we will discuss with you the deposit. This is usually 10% of the purchase price which is paid to the seller’s solicitors/conveyancers by us upon exchange of contracts. You and the sellers will agree a completion date and once all aspects of the transaction are ready we will formally exchange contracts. This simply means that you and the sellers are legally committed to completing the transaction on the agreed date.
  • Usually at this time a draft transfer deed will be prepared and a request for completion information will be made to the seller’s solicitors/conveyancers.
  • We will arrange for you to sign the transfer that has been agreed, any mortgage deed (if appropriate) and any other documentation required to enable the transaction to complete.  A completion statement will  be sent to you prior to completion. Finally, before completion we will carry out pre-completion searches and where appropriate apply to your mortgage provider for your mortgage advance.
  • On the date of completion, the seller must vacate the property by the time agreed on the contract. We will send to the seller’s solicitors/conveyancers the proceeds to purchase the property. Once the seller’s solicitors/conveyancers have received the proceeds, the keys will be released to you by the estate agents (if any). The seller’s solicitors/conveyancers will send to us the title deeds, including the transfer and any other supporting documentation provided during the transaction. In addition, the sellers solicitors/conveyancer will repay any outstanding mortgage on the property in their clients name.
  • Shortly after completion we will submit a Land Transaction Return and pay any stamp duty which is due to HMRC. We will also submit an application to the Land Registry to register you as the new owners of the property.
  • Once the Land Registry have registered you as the new owners of the property we will send to you a copy of the title together with any other documents relating to the property. Any documents required by the mortgage lenders to be retained by them will be sent to them on your behalf.

2. Commercial Conveyancing

It is essential that you use a commercial property solicitor when buying or selling a commercial property. It is equally important to do so if you are either taking or giving a lease of commercial premises. There are many pitfalls that can be avoided by using a firm with the right kind of knowledge and experience. Therefore, whether you are a young entrepreneur setting up your own business or a long established company or business we can help.

Once you have agreed heads of terms we will assist you throughout the process. This will  include registering your lease at the Land Registry and discharging any Stamp Duty Land Tax payable on the transaction.

Please email  or telephone  01785 250606 for a free no obligation written quote.