If a person loses mental capacity their affairs will be supervised by the Court of Protection, this is simply to make sure that their financial and other affairs are dealt with in an appropriate way.

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What if someone has  lost or is losing mental capacity? They do  not have  a Lasting Power of Attorney? An application maybe needed  to appoint a Deputy. A Deputy  is someone legally appointed to assist in financial and sometimes personal matters.  The Court of Protection  will consider the application. The Court  will finally decide whether an applicant is suitable and therefore appointed as a Deputy.

What if  they have no  relatives and close friends?  Who can be appointed to act a Deputy?  Sheppard Fisher has the experience to act as their Deputy. First of all we will ensure that all financial aspects are dealt with properly and efficiently. Sheppard Fisher will also make sure that we visit  them regularly because we know how  important this is. We will consider  what other practical measures are needed. First of all we will make their needs our priority. Finally we will carefully consider what can be done to  make life  a little easier. So whilst it might all seem daunting. We will explain the options and advise how best to proceed.

Alternatively we can help you to complete an application to become a Deputy. Sheppard Fisher can  therefore  advise and support you each step of the way. We have  many years of experience and knowledge.

We offer a variety of payment solutions. This includes commission free credit card payments. Every initial consultation will be offered free of charge. Appointments not always necessary.